METCON Training Combination Rigs:
  • The tube steel-gauge is 75mm /thickness 3mm, and the material is Q235, which can provide enough strength and toughness to ensure your safety and stability during use.
  • Using more delicate and high-quality powder materials which can make the surface powder have enough friction and adhesion to help you complete better movement, and also can keep the longer life for racks.
  • Provide a variety of color customization capabilities to meet your needs for vision and decoration color matching.
  • Provide a rich selection of accessories to meet the needs of more training program.
  • Provide professional RIG customization services to help you improve the space utilization of the CF-box/Gym.

 The independent fixed  combination RIG provides more efficient space all around. It is suitable for large spaces without any obstacle. The first choice for group training event.

The wall fixed RIG

It is suitable for fuctional and strengt class studios with limited space.

The RIG with storage rack is suitable for private training and small group class.

The single-row waterfall rig is suitable for users who are extremely demanding of space utilization. It can make full use of the space between the cement pillar and provide training functions of squat/bench press/ pull-up/throwing.

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